Review: Coraline – Neil Gaiman.

coraline*Backdated review*
So,  I haven’t seen the film adaption of this. It meant that for the first time in ages I have been able to read a book and visualise it in my head without picturing the movie. One thing I really liked was Neil’s extra content, where he made one comment about children finding this book an adventure, and adults finding it creepier and scary.

Like, I thought I was beyond getting freaked out by a children’s book, but I made the smart decision to read this until 1am and then walk through my house to get something. Definitely freaked me out as  I passed the door we’d been told not to open. I am over 20 years old. This is not acceptable.

I grew up liking Tim Burton and the likes, so the idea of a creepier children’s novel is something I’ve always enjoyed. I just really loved Coraline, despite it being quite freaky. Holy hell, that hand… But it definitely makes me amped to read more of Neil’s work. It’s dark, and I like dark. The illustrations creeped the shit out of me though. Maybe I’m just getting antsy in my old age…….

No, but honestly, this is a wonderful book. The story is really quirky, and even as an adult it drew me in. I feel like Neil Gaiman gives both adults and children credit with his writing. Adults are able to enjoy a children’s story, and children are treated as intelligent enough to be given a plot to sink their teeth into.


One thought on “Review: Coraline – Neil Gaiman.

  1. jeffcolemanwrites says:

    I read the entire book in one three hour sitting. Plunging into a Gaiman book, especially one as dark as this one, is like diving head first into a dream (in this case, a nightmare.) I loved the emotions it evoked.

    Sadly, I did see the movie first. But it was ok, because the book was significantly different (I liked the book better.)

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