Review: A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess.

clcok*Backdated review*
When I talk about A Clockwork Orange, it’s usually me talking about a story from when I was younger. I was channel flicking (I think I must have been 8-ish?) and came across the movie. I remember seeing one split second of violence and my mum came in and told me I couldn’t watch it, saying I was too young. She then told me that it was originally banned when it came out, something I remind her of every time it comes up in conversation. She went to see the stage-show of it lately and reminded me it was banned, to which I pointed her towards this very story. So, basically, I’ve always been interested in it purely because I wasn’t allowed to watch it.

It took some getting into. For one, there was a glitch on the file that meant that it wasn’t in paragraphs, it was separated into one and a half line segments. Weirdly, I got used to it. The language was an issue too, but I got there eventually. I’d read that people study this at school and I’m so glad I didn’t – because I’d hate it. School made me hate Pride and Prejudice and To Kill A Mockingbird, I’m glad it didn’t ruin this. I think I would read it again to fully take something from it, but I generally enjoyed it, I understand the concepts that can be studied and I can see why it was banned – assuming the film was a bit more violent (?). This is relatively pointless, the rambling is getting out of hand… I liked it. It was a bit tough to get through at times, but it did become quite a page turner at times.


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