Review: Sex Tips From Rock Stars: In Their Own Words – Paul Miles.

rock*Backdated review*
There was no point in the process of buying this book that I thought, “Hey, you know, this book will change my life!” It seemed a fun book, and it would be full of quite a few laughs and stories I didn’t know and, as a fan of rock music, I would enjoy it.

And it pretty much did what it said on the tin. Running a string of questions by rockstars from Andrew WK and Jesse Hughes to Motorhead’s own Lemmy, the reader is given a string of answers – some witty, some genuine – that answer each question with a massive range of answers.

Broken into learning about their experiences and looking for advice on certain subjects, the book pretty much covers anything you could think of. As said, it’s not going to change your life. If you’re in genuine need of sex advice, this probably isn’t the best place to start.

But, I did learn that Lemmy once had sex on top of a photobooth in a London station during rush hour. So, you know…


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