Review: Hollywood Hellraisers – Robert Sellers.

hell*Backdated review*
I’m not a film person, so this was an interesting change. While I’m not huge on films, I have always been quite interested in Jack Nicholson in particular and, of course, have been familiar with the other three. So here goes…

I had trouble with this book, but I think it’s more down to circumstance. I usually read books as I travel on trains and rattle them out very quickly, but being busy recently, this found itself being bottom priority of a string of things I had to do. So, I had a bad mentality of, “I suppose I better finish this so I can read the next one.” One other note of complaint is that on p267 he spelled Axl Rose “Axel Rose”. That bugged me.

Anyway, I did find it very interesting to read how the four actors lived separately but seemed to overlap on various problems. One of my favourite things about the book also proved to be my main problem. Theoretically he could have just quartered the book and dedicated each to a separate actor, but I liked the way he worked all four stories into a timeline of their lives that seemed to work alongside each other. The problem I did find with that is, once I really got into it I found myself forgetting who had done what and not picking up on a lot of references back to something previously mentioned in the book.

I think had I read this without the pressures of all I had to get done recently, I’d have had a better time with it because it is a really good book. I did thoroughly enjoy it on the moments I had time to really get into it but think, sadly, it will rank a lot lower than it would have done due to timing.


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