Review: Sex Money Kiss – Gene Simmons.

kiss*Backdated review*
I can only start this by reiterating certain jists of what I wrote about Gene Simmons’ previous book: it certainly continues the vein of provoking an entrepreneurial longing. I’m skint (sort of) and as I read his words detailing his monetary success, I – once again – started trying to conjour up ventures to make me some money.

Sadly, as of yet I’m still stumped. My mind drifted from business to rage quite a lot. I realise Gene put a disclaimer on his general overviews and that they would come off stereotypical and sexist, but jeez. I know he is an egotist – he even ended the book saying it should be called ‘ME’ because that’s what he cared about – but his holier-than-thou way of slamming things like the institution of marriage really, really pissed me off.

I think I took everything with an added pinch of salt purely because he got married last year, so now I read all his words of ‘wisdom’ through the veil of his hypocrisy. I enjoyed the bits on business, really I did. I liked his insights and little mantras on how to get making money and utilise your time to the best means. What I didn’t like – in fact, hated – was his comments on women only wanting security from a man and using him for his money.

I don’t care about marriage, I don’t care about having someone support me. I like being close to someone but both supporting ourselves separately. I will never – repeat NEVER – marry someone and expect them to support me. It just pisses me off – a lot. Had I written this last night when I actually finished the book then my targetting could be a lot more specific because I had a few full quotes ingrained in my head. Sadly, I started a new book today and – BAM! – they’re out of my head.

One other thing I disliked about this book was the set up. There is nothing more I hate in a book than a page of photos that cuts in the middle of a sentence, so I have to flick pages ahead to continue then go back. This didn’t happen once or twice; it was every few pages. It was just irritating. Plus, I don’t need a block quote on every two or so pages. I am reading it. A quote from someone else, that’s fine, but quoting yourself every page is just ludicrous.

Gene is a smart man and has an astute business mind and, when it boils down to it, that will always be what I like and respect most about him. However, this book was more of a lecture on how women are gold diggers and men should have the right to cheat based on their biology. On the fleeting moments discussing his business ventures and motivational snippets to the reader, I enjoyed it. In general, it makes me a cynic of a lot of things.

He makes me cynical about the instituation of marriage (even though he is now hypocritical in this sense), he makes me cynical about being in a relationship by saying all women want to be exclusive and all meant will cheat. It’s just horrible. I felt like this reading his first book too. It brings up trust issues that were never there, because Gene Simmons has decided no girl is ever going to be good enough for a guy not to cheat on her…

Oh, no, wait. He’s married and monogomous. I forgot. FURY. I’m moving on. Never going to read this book again unless I’m in a deliriously happy mood and seek to bring some rage out. So yes, that would be never.


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